Wikidata Human Gender Indicators (WHGI)

To quickly start exploring the data:

Download the English-translated snapshot from January 2016.

To build an application with the data:

For the weekly-updated snapshots, with changes between weeks, and full snapshot history visit


"WHGI doesn't reflect the editing I did last week?"

Although it would be useful the queries that WHGI runs are too large for community SQL/SPARQL services. Instead to compute the statistics WHGI downloads the entire Wikidata dump and parses it with Wikidata Toolkit. That is, say for instance a dump file that is created by Wikidata on March 5th, it might only be reflecting the latest data up to March 4th. WHGI runs every Saturday/Sunday midnight, so it's actually getting a Wikidata Dump that's maybe a day-or-two out of date. So even if you did something on March 5th and WHGI runs on March 5th, because of the dump latency it's possible it won't show up in time. We bet if you check back next week you might see the results you were expecting.